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Legacy Showcase Development Camp feat. Rob Crews

Legacy Showcase Development Camp feat. Rob Crews

Rob Crews and Legacy Showcase Camp Event


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In collaboration with Legacy Atlanta, Rob Crews is proud to announce:

College Readiness

Advance Skills 


Who is this camp for?

Athletes who want more. Motivated athletes with a high work ethic. Athletes who are high achievers.

Athletes who understand that to be recruited is not the goal -but to realize their full potential. We accomplish this by working as smart and finding every opportunity to compete at the highest level possible.

What to expect?

  • True Clinicians -Master Teachers with more than 10 years of teaching experience.
  • The latest and most innovative teaching methods proven by science and feedback.
  • High-energy and fast-paced drills that will challenge you and elevate you to new levels.
  • Immediate feedback. Honest feedback.  Learn what works at the highest levels of the game and why.
  • Solutions on mental and emotional components of performance that can be implemented into your game immediately.
  • Small groups. More reps. More attention. More time to sort out what you have learned.
  • No recruiting. No evaluations. No autograph sessions. Just work.


"I felt like the world was ready for a camp experience where players who aren’t done getting better can learn, grow, and be challenged … some people just want more -people who understand that after they commit to a college it isn't time to relax, but time to work even harder. This is for people who share this mindset."

"Finally, a camp experience where you won’t have to wait on line behind 35 people to get a fly ball."

                                                                                                                        -Rob Crews, Complete Game