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The SWAG 101 Book

The SWAG 101 Book

SWAG 101

The mirror doesn't lie. Either you are or you aren't. Either you have it or you don't. If you are honest with yourself, you will know. If you are honest with yourself, you can fix things. Some people spend their whole life trying to get it and never do. Some people have had it and then somehow lost it. And then some people are fighting like hell just to keep it. Whatever category you fall into, SWAG 101 is your mirror, showing you yourself through the author’s experiences in teaching, results, and feedback. 

When organized thoughts collide with the perfect sequence of mechanics you find yourself in a zone -somewhere between REALITY and some VIRTUAL place that only YOU can take yourself. In the world of performance, be it the stage, final exam, or batter’s box, we actually create another person and get into character, as in the world of the Performing Arts. Few athletes are able to take on the attributes of this self-created character, let alone find her. In this place commonly referred to as “the zone,” we are able to manifest a projection of perfection that cannot be articulated – we just do it –either instinctively or the situation pulls it out of us. With proper training and preparation, athletes can learn how to get to this place of high mental focus –at will. In SWAG 101, we will explore the possibilities.

Invisible Mechanics is the eyes to brain to body communication which happens when neurons transmit data faster because of information in the form of stored visual data from past experience. Most hitting coaches deal only with the swing itself and not the dynamics that determine how and why we arrive at a particular swing. The way in which we react, respond, or swing is determined by visual stimuli and our unique interpretation of it -perception. This data is then processed or cross-referenced with stored data and sends responses to the hips and hands for the appropriate action or response -the swing. There is a unique set of neurons created for every pitch, from every angle, against every possible background, at every speed, from every trajectory, and every distance you have ever seen. These are invisible mechanics. A deeper level of hitting and another layer of performance.