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See. Think. Move.

Some hitting coaches work with good hitters and others create them. I designed this course for the latter. Teaching teachers HOW to teach transcends what we think we know and go right to the heart if the athlete. 



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CG Certified Coaches

Kim BrooksCanada 
Adam ScottKnoxville, TN
Tony Allen: Kearneysville, WV
Lacey Williams: Atlanta, GA
Michael Meehan

See. Think. Move.

Create Elite Hitters

Become Certified to:

  • Help your Hitters take their Cage Success to the Game
  • Learn how Rob Crews Builds Elite Hitters
  • Learn how to Implement Measurable Results
  • Join a Community of Elite Hitting Coaches
  • Receive Mentorship from Rob Crews
  • Grow your Client Data Base

Certification Includes:

  • See: Vision Training, pitch-recognition, tracking and decision-making
  • Think: Blending Mental-Emotional-Cognitive into Hitting
  • Move: Movement Science/Art: The latest in biomechanics & movement science to maximize sequencing, bat speed & bat path & EV
  • Technology Implementation  

Mentorship Program Includes:

  • 2 Community Calls a Month (1st & 3rd Monday)
  • Topics YOU CHOOSE & Experts in each Topic
  • Data Implementation Strategies to SEE RESULTS FAST!
  • Training Strategy Sessions - How to fix ANY Hitting Problem!
  • Analyzing College Swings - How to make our athletes BETTER than the College Players.
  • What All-American hitters have in common.
  • Business Strategies to BOOK OUT
    Social Media & Marketing Strategies to Blow Up

Special Guests (My Team of Experts):

  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Sport Psychologist
  • Mindset Coaches
  • Recruiting Experts
  • Social Media/Business Strategist
  • Executives from Technology Companies
  • Winning Head Coaches


  • Join Exclusive Community of Elite Hitting Coaches 
  • Business Development: Social Media, Marketing & Systemization for Client Base Growth
  • Special Offers from CG Technology Partners
  • In Person Meet Ups ONLY for CG Certified Members
  • Access to ALL CG Courses
  • Bi-WEEKLY Video Community Calls with Rob Crews 
  • Special Guests (Top Hitting Coaches) on Community Calls

Rob Crews has created hundreds of Power 5 hitters using the see think move method over the last 25+ Years!

Beth Torina

LSU Head Softball Coach

"Rob Crews is one of the most innovative thinkers in the game today. He is not just looking for best practices to help his athletes but he is constantly coming up with even better methods to move our athletes and our entire game forward."

Brooks Cherry

Owner Mojo Softball

"We have brought Rob in for the last several years to lead our hitting portion of camp. His attention to detail from stepping on deck to finishing the at bat is unrivaled. He teaches in a way that is understandable to young ones as well as veterans. I love that his pre-game eye drills as well as his pre-pitch routines. I have trusted Rob for years and his results are proven by hitters stats and their metrics."

Jami Lobpries

Alliance Fastpitch

"I trained with Rob during my pro career. He completely changed my mindset on hitting and immediately made me better! Rob is a not only a great teacher but he's a lifelong learner and has devoted his career to researching what makes hitters great. I'm excited for more coaches and hitters to learn from Rob!"


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